Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look out world!

BB passed his permit test this past weekend. So yes it's official! He was so excited, he was doing cartwheels in the parking lot. Sorry I didn't get any photos of that moment. After church we decided to take him out to an empty parking lot to get the feel of the car. And the feel is that my brakes work well! heehee We will be having some fun with practice time. He likes it of course, but hasn't gotten into that "hey, mom don't you need something at the store?" every five minutes mode yet. That's just fine with me. We all need to take baby steps in life, right? Or maybe this is that whole "letting go" mode I haven't gotten into yet. Oh well, 6 in one hand . . . . . : )

Sunday, September 18, 2011


A small example of my life sometimes. Some of you know that I have been trying to follow The FLYlady. Well, I have been kind of like a baby bird trying to stay off the ground. I FLY a little, then I crash, I FLY a little more and then I plummet! I just looked at what is supposed to be my Launch Pad this morning and saw this huge mess. There under all the junk is my Control Journal. Obviously covered by chaos. Then I thought a minute. Is this an example of my life? Good intentions covered in chaos. Hmmmmm............. time to re-evaluate my self. {sigh}: /

Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Stuff!!

Yay! Free samples in the mail!!
Yum, let's open it up and have a BIG bowl.....wait a minute.......
Please let there NOT be another box on the inside!!! ..........
Whew! Guess I'll have myself a small snack. :/

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm so ashamed!!

So I was looking back at the ol' blog here and scrolling down the page. I went to the archive section of the page and saw that there were 2 posts for THE ENTIRE YEAR OF 2011!!!! WHAT?! THAT CAN'T BE!! I'M SO ASHAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMED!!

How awful am I to be known as a blogger? I don't feel worthy! I need an intervention. So I am going to get moving on this so I can get more posts on here to at least go into the double digits in the archives before the year is up.

(saying this in a struggling super hero voice) MUST......BLOG......GOT TO......BLOG..... MUST......REACH.......CREATIVITY......GOT TO .........ESCAPE......WRITER'S.......BLOCK........

yeah, kinda like this...

Honestly though, things have happened in our lives here and I have had material, just not the 'oomph' to write it down. So I now endeavor to 'oomph' it up a bit.

See you all soon!