Friday, January 10, 2014

Mmmmmm chicken nuggets

Funny story..... I just made myself really dizzy making LB some chicken nuggets for lunch. Here is how you too can achieve this....

1. Turn on oven

2. Bake frozen chicken nuggets for amount of time on package.

3. When nuggets are done, take them out of oven and serve.

4. Turn off oven and leave door open a crack, as if to broil.

5. Stand in front of oven, so as to not waste valuable heat emitting.

6. Proceed to turn around in circles as if you were a rotisserie chicken to warm entire body.


Now you too will be dizzy and warm.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We're having a heat wave!

Finally got up to 1 degree today! Whatever shall we do? Gotta love Ohio! :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Lite brite

Me and LB we're messing around with the lite brite that we got him several years ago. It's so colorful. I have missed this. I had one growing up, and so I wanted my kids to have one. They have changed a little bit, as in size and portability. But the original concept is still the same.  And with technology so advanced now, I thought surely there would be some free downloadable and printable sheets. I only found a few free samples. Sadly, I have to charge it if I want some. Sheesh! Guess they gotta make their money somehow. I know, "be creative, do your own". This is about how creative I am. A smiley face.  Oh we'll, at least it's happy. :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Seriously, who doesn't use up every single drop of frosting with a toaster strudel? Yep, my kid! Weirdo!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

You said what now??

Seriously, have any of you ever read the comments I get on here? I had to remove some of them. Like, I posted a funny picture and someone tells me that I have "valuable information". Did you see the picture? Did you not get the joke? What kind of valuable information would there be from a goofy picture? Cut it out spammers!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Creepy guy in the background!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello again

Well it has be quite a while again. You know, didn't want to bog you all down with my drivel. Yeah, that sounds good. Anywhoooo.....

Since I have posted last we have had our goings on here in the Fodder household. My lack of blog motivation has come and gone. Many times I have had that "I should blog this" thought. And like the past few months, it has passed by all too quickly for me to stop and consider actually doing the posts.

A few of the big things we have had going on are.... BB got his driver's license (Egad!), he is now a junior in HS (Egad!), and LB has started the HS portion of his school career as a freshman (Egad, again!). All kinds of things to worry about. Yay me.

The whole driver's license issue.... I hate it when things happen to you as a parent and you realize how much stress your parents went through when you did this. First of all, no one at age 16 worries about how the car insurance will be paid. Hello people... 16 year old boy! Do the math! Then the whole studying for the test, practicing the stupid cones, being in the passenger seat while he is practicing. And hearing how the first ride in his own vehicle was so peaceful cause, "mom wasn't nagging me all the time." You read that last quote in the snarky sarcastic voice right? Yeah, that's how it sounded to me coming out of his mouth. But now he can drive to school instead of taking the bus. (Yet another stresser for me. But I digress...)

BB is actually enjoying school this year which is a total 180 of what we have experienced this whole time he has ever been in school. He is going to our local tech school for the hands-on learning of EMT/Firefighter. I have seen his books and cannot believe he actually still loves this class. Seriously, there are 2 books each about 3 inches thick not including the workbooks that go along with them. Usually when he has started a new school year, I think to myself "ok, so I am learning _____ this year". Only because I try to help him with his homework during the year and have to try to learn it to help him learn it. So naturally I think, "ok, I am learning how to save lives this year." It figures that a subject that would be invaluable to me will be the class he may not need my help for. Not like last year when I had to learn biology. A subject that I never even took in HS. So I guess I will just feel good with the fact that I will have a "lifesaver" in my household soon. That's a good thing!

LB on the other hand is having a difficult time starting this year. Usually he craves going back to school. Not sure if he is doing that this time. To a typical kid, the first year in HS is usually the most stressiest. (I know, not a word. It is in my world so deal with it) But add that stress onto a kid with autism and woohoo, get ready to party! His main goal this year is independence. He definitely needs to learn it. Let's face it, a kid with his needs gets help all around him, so learning to do things on his own and making his own judgements for his needs will take some time and tears. And like a band-aid removal, this year will hurt. But the next few years after will hopefully heal up and leave no scar. No promises on Mom though. ~sigh~

I'm sure that there are many other moments I have needed to blog about in my absence. I will post them as soon as I can put these recent stressers behind me. Hmmm.... you may not ever hear about our summer then, huh? Um, it was hot. I didn't put up a garden this year. And we had more of a staycation this summer. There. That about does it. Small details will follow..... maybe.....

Time to try and relax a bit before they get home from school. If I can just stop my brain from thinking!