Monday, June 30, 2008

Music anyone?

I am playing around with some playlists that I can put on here. Feel free to listen to some of our faves. Go all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see the playlist. I know I don't write enough to keep you on this site for more than one song, but you can try it out anyhow. I didn't choose to auto play as soon as you get here so as not to scare anyone. You control the tunes. Well, they are still our tunes, but you choose to listen.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh yes!

So am I the only "mature" person out there who loves this game? I am excited about this. Just spent the past couple days playing Guitar Hero III with family and friends. Ready for the newest addition. I believe it is out in stores today. So sad. This game was originally bought for BB. Yeah, momma owns it now, and soon, Aerosmith.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

That's ENOUGH!!!

Imagine, if you will, a nice quiet peaceful dinner at the table. LB and his habits of grazing kick in. LB loves to eat a few bites and then run away. He comes back for a few more bites and runs away again. Now when he runs away, he goes to his room to play a scene from a video that he likes. Repeatedly. Very repeatedly. When it's all I can stands and I can't stands no more, I yell out from the table "That's enough, turn it OFF!" With emphasis on the last word. BB sits beside me and gets the brunt of this command. So it reminds him of Austin Powers. I have become Frau in our home. I put in this video to give you a clue. Notice Dr. Evil's jump at the emphasized word. Yes, that is BB's response as well. It is a sad thing when we sit at the table and he knows when to quickly cover his ears by the way I take in a deep breath. Dinner is so much fun.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fodder's Day!

Hope everyone had a nice day of relaxing and enjoying whatever all you great Fathers do.

Love you Hubby!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


So we are preparing for our summer vacation to the beach by getting the dog updated on shots for the kennel. (Yeah, not for her health, that sounds so much better) Anyway, we make our way to the vet. She does real good in the car, no throwing up. We get in there and out of the exam room pretty efficiently. LB is being good staying close and not getting into too much. When we come out the room there is a line of people and their pets waiting to pay or get in. We noticed this huge great dane right beside us. It was hard not to. Beautiful dog. Noticeably a boy dog. As I wait in line looking towards the counter-my goal-I turn back to make sure LB isn't doing anything he shouldn't be. As I turn my head, there in his hands are nestled the very bits that make this great dane a noticeable male. And I could almost read his mind as if to say, "Hmmm what are those? Our dog doesn't have those." Instantly I shriek out his name and he lets go. I am just thankful I caught him at the nestled stage and not the "test the density" stage. I think that would require a longer vet visit than bargained for. Oh the innocense of LB! First thing said as soon as we walked through our front door-"Go wash your hands."

Ahhh, summer...

Ok, so you know how when summer comes and there is no school to worry about and you can sleep in every day? Yeah, is it nice? I bet it is. I don't think I will know. LB insists on waking up at around 6 am when on vacation. What's up with that? Doesn't he know that it is OK to relax a bit? Really he should take after BB and sleep till noon. OK well maybe not that late. It would be nice to have a happy medium though. I usually hear LB's tv come on right away and the repetative sounds of movies don't really hit me till about 8 or so. When I hear the same scene repeated about 3 times, it usually triggers that slurred morning voice to say, "OK that's enough!" I have to yell it a bit cause there's no way I'm getting up yet. And he is all the way down the hall. Usually during school time, I have to WAKE him at 7:30. Now I've already been up since 6 because BB's bus comes earlier. It's just not fair! But, thank God for Hubby coming to my rescue. When he is home I actually DO get to sleep in. And it does feel a little strange to be lying there relaxing. I feel as if there is SOMETHING I should do. But no. That's when I get my time out. I recently saw that commercial for IKEA when the kids are fighting and she jumps up and says, "That's it! Mommy needs a time out!" I like that. Well, I should go do something productive in the house. It must be lunchtime. I hear BB's door opening.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here we go...

Hello all! I am finally joining the bandwagon and starting to blog. My posts won't be every day, I can tell you. I have read many blogs recently and have found many creative and funny people out there. I doubt I can stand up to alot of you. Just thought I would do the old "jump off a bridge cause friends are doing it" thing. I know that this page has been up for a while with no posts ( I have been reminded by my BFF about this for some time now). And yes , it was a little odd having no posts with a title like this, but finally there is "fodder" to be read at last. So I hope I can keep you all somewhat entertained. Enjoy!