Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This blog is not broken...

Just our hearts.

I have been away for a long while only because I didn't know how to "get back on the horse". Some of you who know us, know the story.

Our friends Elizabeth Dean and her two children, Brittany Kirk and Connor Kirk were taken from us too early. As I was searching the web for the latest updates on the news sites, I came across these videos on YouTube. The kids' friends put these together in memory of them. I was extremely touched and wanted to share these with you all. It's been kinda tough for a lot of people besides us. This is why blogging hasn't been on my mind lately. I will get going again sometime, but for now, we need to grieve a little.

They were a great family and we were blessed to have known them.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cute LB must-post

Had to share:

Ok, so you know that LB really doesn't say much right? Unless he wants something and then he usually gives you one-word answers or one-word requests. Well, tonight at dinner, we were sitting there eating our spaghetti and LB wanted a piece of bread and butter. So he asks in his one-word way "breadbutter?". And me being the ever-trying to be healthy mom suggests the wheat bread. He isn't really crazy about the idea, but he takes it when I give it to him. He tried it and ate all of it except for a little crust. So after a little while, he starts pointing to the bread box. Since I have gotten down the habit of reading him, I know he wants the white bread in there. I try to get him to eat his dinner. You know, the "better for you" stuff. While we sit there he is occasionally pointing to the bread box. And I try to let him use words to tell us what he wants. So I wait till he has had enough and he finally gets it that I want him to actually speak his request. He then looks at me and says in his one-word request......


So I giggled and gave him the white bread.

It's gonna be nice

It's a little frosty this morning. But it is supposed to be in the 50's today. Nice. There are a few days coming up with some rain and a little snow mixed in but I am just going to enjoy days like these as much as I can.

Hope you all have a good day as well.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you see?

What's that in the picture?

No, not the septic tank lid. No, not the snow. That little patch of something right next to it.

It's a piece of my YARD! Hooray!! It's 36 degrees today and I feel like wearing shorts. I heard some songbirds outside of my window today too. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh. I don't know how long we will have this pleasure so I will just enjoy it while I have it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guess what? It's cold.

Yeah, it is still pretty darn cold here. This morning I turned on the news as soon as I opened my eyes to check on the school status. I have to check EVERY morning just in case. I saw that the kids had a 2 hour delay. So I turned the tv off and my alarm clock and went back to sleep. I just figured it was icy out. Because, you know, it's been icy out for about a month now. Our driveway is like a skating rink and the stores are running low on salt.
When I got up and checked the news again, the status was the same. Then I noticed the temperature. At 9am the temp was at 4. At least it was in the positive number catagory. But that was at 9am. I don't know what it was at 6am, because I was too sleepy-eyed to check that earlier. But they usually have a delay when it hits negative numbers. Too dangerous for the kids waiting for the bus. And this is Ohio. I can't imagine what the other midwest states go through.
So I have been finding that during the day I've become like plants in a window. When the sun starts to come out, I start to lean in that direction. It's kinda sad really. Of course, maybe my body just knows I need more vitamin D. I've been taking my vitamins like a good girl, but there must be no substitute for the real thing.
The kids haven't been playing in the snow too much anymore. Because like the days after Christmas, they get tired of playing with the new things already. And the snow is just so readily available, it gives you that mindset of "it'll be there tomorrow". Even the dog isn't too excited with it anymore. I have never really seen a dog like snow as much as she does. Or rather, DID, before she got bored with it too. We used to have this little dog who hated to be cold. When we would open the door to let it out in the morning, he would growl at us. Maybe because he was closer to the ground and his belly got cold. brrrr...
Well, since I have been sitting here in my comfy clothes, I feel a little chillier. So I think I am going to do some excersize to warm up a bit. I guess this cold weather could be a good thing for me, to get me back on track. Maybe. Well....not so much. I still want more sunshine. I'm gonna go do some more leaning first.

Have a warm day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Six more weeks of winter. That's our prediction from Punxsutawney Phil. yippee.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here we go!

The Steelers are playing and it's February. What better way to celebrate both than with black and gold hearts, right? heehee

Have a fun day today!

Go Steelers!!