Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It has been quite a while now since I have posted anything. I think this has been the longest. All the leaves have fallen and been burned, and we have had a few days of snow now. The boys are growing more and more like the handsome young weeds that they are. BB has entered into the world of middle school wrestling and just loves it! LB is still plugging along, gaining steps little by little in this big world. Hubby is still working away from home with 3 more years to go. And I am still here helping each of them carry on, while enjoying myself in my circle of family and friends.

With the holidays coming and going, a lot of rushing around is in order. Trying to get gifts bought, dinners organized, cookies baked. All while fitting our normal everyday lives in between. If this is the key to keep us young, I hope to be as busy as I can stand without having to collapse. In fact, I should be out there now finishing up my shopping. And getting younger.

Well, since I have discovered Facebook, things have changed in my bloggy world. I believe most of my readers are on Facebook so I haven't made it a point to update alot on here. If there are any readers out there who have been waiting around for some stories, I apologize. With the change of times come the change of direction in some of us. With Facebook and Twitter taking over the web, we don't have alot of sitting down and actually writing anything more than the size of a paragraph anymore. Attention spans are growing shorter and shorter now. It is a technologically saavy, but a little sad world we live in. I was just talking to Hubby the other day about how people don't just sit down and write a letter now. The old pen and paper haven't been touched since computers started taking over. Now e-mail is a thing in the past! That's just strange. And yet, here I sit typing away. Connected to that machine that has taken over so many lives. Time marches on, and times march on.

So on that note, I will be going out to finish my shopping. I wish all of you out there the happiest, healthiest of holidays and hopefully I will be back on here posting again in the near future. You know for nostalgia.