Monday, August 25, 2008

The fun begins...

Yes, the old boring summer is over and now the FUN! Is that wrong of me to say?

Well, I've been up since the crack of black to get BB ready for the first day. He was not at all thrilled. Remember this one actually LIKES to sleep until noon or so. So to start his wake-up call at 6:15AM is quite a change. You know how they say, you grow when you sleep? Well, this summer he has had quite a growth spurt! I'm surprised that he hasn't reached the 6 ft. tall mark. Unfortunately, for LB (and I am not just saying that for me), this was not his first day of school. He was a little weepy when BB was getting ready to go. I think he actually wants to go too. BB told him "Yeah, LB I wish it was the other way around too!" LB won't be able to go to school for about another week. This year our middle school has finally decided to start up a high school class level for special ed. to be held there with the middle school level. The kids used to have to take the bus and go pretty far to another school and I am guessing the gas prices had something to do with their decision to keep things local. Don't quote me. So what they are doing is using an old room that is large already, and dividing it between middle and high school. Well, since they really don't get back in the rooms to prepare until the last minute before school starts, the rooms are not ready yet. So we were informed that the first day of school for the special ed. kids will not be today. Hopefully things will be worked out soon. It makes me a little nervous when I hear they are not prepared and this is the first year of middle school for LB. I am just hoping there is a good reason for the delay and everything will work out smoothly. Lord willing!

Well, after BB got on his bus and took off, LB started dancing to the theme of WordGirl on PBS. Which reminds me a little of the music that Pulp Fiction would have used. Only, kid-friendly. So I think he will be OK for while, staying at home...with me...going to the grocery store...convincing me to buy more junk food...for yet another week. Yeah, I'll be fine.

Soon, Prince, your day will come.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Vacation #2

We went to Huron, Ohio for our second vacation this year with Sharp as a Marble and family. It was a great time! We stayed with them in a nice little cottage 1 block away from Lake Erie. And not too far from Cedar Point. Some of our good times were spent sitting on the nice screened-in front porch just relaxing and enjoying the lovely weather. Other times were spent at the lake. And of course one of those days was at Cedar Point. It was nice to go somewhere to not think about anything or rush around trying to see everything possible. This time we don't need a vacation from our vacation. We just enjoyed it! Here are some of our pics from the cottage and Lake Erie.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm back!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We have been on our second vacation of the summer and just got back today. I did take my computer but we were in an area without good signals, so I just figured I would catch everyone up when we got back. I still have to get all my pictures and things straight so I will have to post those tomorrow. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's for breakfast?

Ok, Mom of Dippy, Dingy, & Goofy would be so proud of me. I was listening to XM Kids the other day and heard a funny song. I just happened to find it on You Tube! They have everything. Anyway, so I asked the kids what they wanted for breakfast, and they said "toast". It reminded me of the song I heard. I just stood there and cracked up. This is why:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Can't touch this either

Got an email from Auntie S about the Father's Day commercials that were out this year. I started cracking up when she told me of this one. I saw it too and loved it. I even saved it on the DVR to show hubby when he got home. This one's for you Auntie!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Teen Latin

Or in our case - Pre-teen Latin.

Why is it that when kids get a certain age, everything they say has a sound at the end to indicate attitude? I discovered this a little while back and thought I would share. Maybe you have noticed this as well. Did WE ever have this language? I don't remember responding that way. Maybe my mom can clarify. BB started a while ago with answering questions.

Me: "Why didn't you clean your room like I asked?"

BB: "I don't know-AH!"

Me: "Clean your room."

BB: "Why-AH?"

And so on it goes. Now LB has started to do this. He doesn't say much, but when he hurts himself-or thinks he hurt himself-he is starting to yell "Hurt my toe-AH!". It used to be just "Hurt my toe!" Is he copying his brother or is he just growing into this language that develops with age? I will have to keep a close ear on this.

Is there a special pill or cream out there that can curb these outbreaks? I guess maybe it goes away with time, like an allergy or something. It's a mystery. Maybe there could be a special scientific experiment on this. We could pinpoint the cause and stop it before it develops. Wow, we could have attitude-free children. What would that be like? It could be a kind of Ozzie and Harriet world. hmmm.... I guess that sounds a little boring, huh?

Well since I have been sitting here I realize that it is lunchtime, so I have to go feed the kids now. And I have to go do some laundry-AH. And I don't know why-AH. How come I always get stuck with this-AH?! It's not fair-AH!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

To keep you busy...

Click on this link and try to click the ball. Fun for hours!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just curious...

The B's and I just went to the store recently. While I was loading up the groceries in the back, the boys got in the car. I went to take the shopping cart back to the corral and got a glance at my car door that was hanging open. I noticed some of my CD's in the door there and thought to myself, "Gee if someone were to steal my CD collection (and they would have to be pretty darn desparate for tunes), I would be soooooooooo embarrassed!!" My embarrassing collection includes: -The soundtrack to the Amadeus movie, -Clannad, -En Vouge, -Pure Disco, -Club MTV Party to go, -The Kim Possible soundtrack...these are choices that I made for myself at one time. Yes, I picked out Kim Possible. These are bad enough by themselves, but put them together with the other CD's that I am not so embarrassed about would be quite confusing for the thief. I love all types of music (obviously) and my entire collection (with the family's) would raise some questions as to how many people are actually IN this family. I had to laugh at myself! So I was wondering if any of you out there have an embarrassing collection you would not want people to go through. Or am I the only nerd out there?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today's "Holy crap!" moment

Sharp as a Marble sent this to me today. I proceeded to tell him that I should just hang up my guitar. I don't think I could ever get this good! Unless of course I practice the entire time the kids are in school. And then if I do that, then, there would be no clean clothes to wear or clean dishes to eat off of, if in fact we have food in the get where I'm going.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ready, set, quilt!

Want to quilt with me? Starting in September, when the kids go back to school and I have more ME time, I will be starting up a quilt block-of-the month. Over in the Links I Like section is another blog just for quilting stuff enititled "Mel's Quilting Spot". I will have a pattern to follow for a different quilt block each month on that page. Since the kids are in school typically from September through May, that gives us 9 months, or 9 blocks. It should make for a nice wall hanging or lap quilt by the time school is out. This will be a challenge to see if I actually get a quilt finished in time. I usually need a deadline or some other encouragement to get me going. I have alot of UFO's or (UnFinished Objects) in my quilting area. This would be good to get me to follow through with some. I will also be posting pictures of mine and anyone else's who wish to send in so we can all see our progress. Hope this will be fun for all you quilters out there. Gee, that means we all have to go buy some more fabric. Oh darn, what ever shall we do? So get all your stuff ready for the school year and see what creations we can come up with!!