Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Fall Y'all

First day of Fall. I suppose I can be ready. I really don't like to say goodbye to Summer, but I know time must move on. So I will be bringing out the oranges, reds, and yellows today to decorate the house in preperation for the coming cold air, the leaf burning, hot apple dumplings, cider, hayrides, sitting in front of a warm fireplace with my Hubby...... hmmmm....... Ok, I think I am ready.

Found a poem that seems like a good time to share.

Bonfire Days
Grace Strickler Dawson

Ho! for the leaves that eddy down,
Crumpled yellow and withered brown,
Hither and yonder and up the street
And trampled under the passing feet;
Swirling, billowing, drifting by,
With a whisper soft and a rustling sigh,
Starting aloft to windy ways,
Telling the coming of bonfire days.

Ho! for the rakes that young hands wield,
Gathering leaves from far afield,
Heaping them high and wide and long,
For the scurrying of feet, the snatch of song,
And the flurrying gust that all the while
Swishes the edge of the big, brown pile,
Ready to leap to a crackling blaze--
Ho! for the joys of bonfire days.

Ho! for the blue-gray smoke that curls
Suddenly skyward, then unfurls
A wide, dim mantle above the flare
Of the red flame's flash and the white flame's glare--
A blue-gray mantle that floats afar
Through the half-bare trees where the last leaves are,
And bears in its folds of gossamer haze
The pungent tang of the bonfire days.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who is this handsome fellow?

BB started high school this year, and so far is really liking it. He joined JROTC and it just seems that he really enjoys it. Wednesdays are uniform days. So I had to get a snapshot before he took off today. "sniff" so grown up!! "sniff"

We love Sunrise Earth

Usually in the morning when the boys have gotten on their way for school, I will fix myself a cup of tea and relax watching Sunrise Earth. So peaceful. Just a beautiful sunrise somewhere in the world and the sounds of nature in the background. Such a nice way to wake up slowly to the world. Sophie likes this show too. She loves looking in the magic window at all the things she could bark at or chase. Sometimes she REALLY likes it. Hope she doesn't jump through the TV sometime. That would not be a good way to wake up to the world. This morning she is watching a moose swimming around in the water. She actually moved with the moose in order to try to keep up. LOVE this show! :)