Monday, July 28, 2008

Moving day!

No, we aren't literally moving as in houses, but blog templates. Trying out another one. It's kinda plain so who knows how long this one will last. Gee, maybe we will have a flavor of the week going on. At least Hubby will be happy that I am not changing the living room around again. I can just get all my furniture moving moods out right here. heehee Off we go!


Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said...

You're so weird! This one is too plain, you won't be able to keep it for long. Is it from blogger or Pyzam?

Melanie Welanie said...

Yeah, I agree. Hmmm... guess there will be a new one REAL soon. heehee

This one is from blogger.

Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said...

Were you able to save your side information OK? Or did you retype it all?

Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said... took me a while but I realized you said the template was from blogger, so my questions don't matter yet. Let me know how you fare when you try one from pyzam.

Melanie Welanie said...

I have a few saved up in my favorites list but I will try and remember to copy my stuff before I switch. Thanks for the reminder.:)