Monday, August 25, 2008

The fun begins...

Yes, the old boring summer is over and now the FUN! Is that wrong of me to say?

Well, I've been up since the crack of black to get BB ready for the first day. He was not at all thrilled. Remember this one actually LIKES to sleep until noon or so. So to start his wake-up call at 6:15AM is quite a change. You know how they say, you grow when you sleep? Well, this summer he has had quite a growth spurt! I'm surprised that he hasn't reached the 6 ft. tall mark. Unfortunately, for LB (and I am not just saying that for me), this was not his first day of school. He was a little weepy when BB was getting ready to go. I think he actually wants to go too. BB told him "Yeah, LB I wish it was the other way around too!" LB won't be able to go to school for about another week. This year our middle school has finally decided to start up a high school class level for special ed. to be held there with the middle school level. The kids used to have to take the bus and go pretty far to another school and I am guessing the gas prices had something to do with their decision to keep things local. Don't quote me. So what they are doing is using an old room that is large already, and dividing it between middle and high school. Well, since they really don't get back in the rooms to prepare until the last minute before school starts, the rooms are not ready yet. So we were informed that the first day of school for the special ed. kids will not be today. Hopefully things will be worked out soon. It makes me a little nervous when I hear they are not prepared and this is the first year of middle school for LB. I am just hoping there is a good reason for the delay and everything will work out smoothly. Lord willing!

Well, after BB got on his bus and took off, LB started dancing to the theme of WordGirl on PBS. Which reminds me a little of the music that Pulp Fiction would have used. Only, kid-friendly. So I think he will be OK for while, staying at home...with me...going to the grocery store...convincing me to buy more junk food...for yet another week. Yeah, I'll be fine.

Soon, Prince, your day will come.

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MOM said...

I loved reading your blog today! (It takes me long enough, huh?)
I'm the typical grandma, I cried.