Sunday, December 28, 2008

The countdown begins

Well, Hubby and I plus our good friends Mom of DDG and Dumbledork are getting ready to go out and ring in the new year at the "local Las Vegas". (Not really Las Vegas) Hubby and I took some ballroom dance classes a couple years back and have been looking for opportunites to try out our skills ever since. We haven't come across too many yet so we are a little rusty. Hopefully with the help of YouTube and MonkeySee we can refresh our feet memory.
We are supposed to have some real fancy shmancy food too. Things I can't pronounce. This will be a first time to try caviar and something called profiteroles. Yeah, I'm that classy of a person.
Then we can dance the night away and play some of the slots in the casino. I hope we win! Last time me and Hubby went to Atlantic City, we won $30 in the quarter slots. Just enough money for a souvenier t-shirt! You know, it may be a little funny wearing my nice evening dress and small classy handbag weighed down with quarters. I'll be sportin' that gambler look!
Then I suppose when the party is over, we will have to come back to our house to do a little Guitar Hero dueling. It has been a while since we've played! Well, for me and Mom of DDG together that is. I played a bit when our relatives were over here after Christmas. Yeah, and I have succeeded in making another group of Guitar Hero converts by the way. You're welcome, C family!
Well, I had better look up some of those dance moves we need to work on. And I guess if we don't get it right, we will make it fun anyway with all of the pointing and laughing.
Hope you all have a great New Year's eve and day!!

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Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said...

If anyone starts pointing or laughing at you guys, we'll just send Dumbledork out to the dance floor. NO ONE will be looking at you anymore! And yes, I will just apologize for his behavior now.