Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our big night out

Well, we did have a good time on New Year's Eve. We got to the party as soon as they opened the doors at 6:30 and got a good seat. The place was decorated nicely with New Year's fedoras on the tables for the guys and tiaras for the girls. There were balloons and party horns and confetti. (LABELED Mountaineer Casino confetti - Yeah, they made a lot of moolah that eve) The tabletops were these huge round mirrors actually. So I could look straight down at that double chin I was ready to get rid of when my plate or napkin wasn't there. The place settings had - get this - 3 forks on the left, 3 knives on the right, a fork and spoon above the plate area and a bread plate with a spreader on it, champagne glass, water glass, and coffee cup. That's alot of hardware, people! All I remember from the movies is that you start from the outside and work your way in. So I did and that actually worked. So I looked like I knew what I was doing. Which is nice sometimes. We met some real nice people at our table and found out that Hubby went to elementary school in Virginia with a niece of a man sitting right next to us! Talk about your small worlds! He actually lived down the street from her. Funny how things come together in life!
We started getting food at about 8:30. We didn't get to try caviar. At least I didn't see it on any of our plates so I guess that will be another time. They must have changed a couple things at the last minute. Oh well. We got our appetizer. I believe it was called "lobster pillows". There were 3 little gelatinous, lobster flavored "pillows" of foam surrounded with lobster meat and a puff pastry in the middle. It was pretty good once getting past the whole texture issue. Then we were served our salad, which was a lettuce wedge with a creamy cheesy dressing topped with walnuts and other things that tasted pretty good. Then for our meal, we had a filet mignon served on a bed of risotto and asparagus. When we got our steak, the band began to play. Johnny Angel and the Halos played us some doowop as we chowed down. Apparently, they play in Pittsburgh all the time and are well known around here. They were pretty good. Hubby and I got to dance that night and we were so proud to remember our footwork on our Swing dance steps. We think we did well. We had fun and that's the main thing. After dancing a little, we went to sit down and dessert was there. It was a chocolate covered fudgie brownie thing in a nice presentation. I thought about taking pictures of each plate to show you all, but after I ate it of course. heehee Sorry!
Anyway, after the band took a break we went out to the casino to try out the one-armed bandits. I won $3.30 in the nickel slots and actually stopped there! Hubby convinced me to cash out instead of what I probably would have done. Put it right back in the machines. We decided to go back to the ballroom to get ready for the champagne toast. We danced some more and made sure we were on the dance floor when midnight hit. They had balloons falling down on all of us and we toasted. I've never been in a balloon shower before. It was fun! Then we just walked around and checked out the rest of the casino. There were 3 other bands playing music in different areas. In the Pretty Boy Floyd's lounge area, they had a classic rock band. Very good. And in their "Mahogany Bar" they had 2 piano players playing a variety of music. They were awesome! One of the players is an elementary music teacher by day. The other guy that played was so good, you couldn't see his hands they were moving so fast.
After we sat in there for a bit, we decided it was time to get home. I have never smelled like smoke so strong in my life. We had to put our clothes outside on the patio to air out overnight. When we changed into our comfy loungy clothes, me and Mom of DDG played a little Guitar Hero and we all had lots of giggles that night! It was definitely a great night all in all.
The boys had a good time too that night. They got to stay with Grandma and were going to stay up to ring in the year. BB made it no problem because he loves to stay up late! LB made it till about 10:30 I'm told. Maybe next year!
Hope you all had a wonderful time!


sharp as a marble said...

WOW! Sounds almost as fun as my new years party. Came to the FD and changed all the computer programs over from 2008 to 2009. Sorry to trump you.

Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said...

You forgot to mention that the Lobster Pillows were topped with lemon air! (I found the menu you sent me.)

We're still going to have to find you caviar somewhere.