Monday, March 7, 2011


Ok, not really tomato-related. Really what I need here is some "catch-up" time for you all. :)

Since my last post there were the holidays, and then the long month of January, and then now. Ta-da! All caught up!

It hasn't been a full month yet since our girls' trip to NYC, so I don't feel too horrible for getting these pics on here now. I actually didn't even take any pictures of us! Just buildings and stuff! Don't know how I missed that gene of excessive camera usage. My mom knows what I mean. Right Mom? heehee ;)

We had a great time in NYC. Very tiring though! We did a bus trip for one day in NYC. Of course, from our location it takes a long time to get there. So we (attempted) sleep on the way to and from there, on the bus. I am hoping if we decide to do this again, that it will be a 2-day trip with a hotel involved somewhere in there. You know, so we can actually lie down and sleep. Really sleep.

Anyway, it was really fun seeing all the sights that I watch on GMA every morning. I love being able to say, "Hey, I was there!" I almost feel famous for a moment. I guess that sorta thing happens alot in the big city.

We saw the famous "Big Piano", which was my highlight. Ate lunch at the Hard Rock. And visited Dylan's Candy Bar which was featured on Unwrapped. Cool show, by the way! Alot of other sights were scattered about the day, along with the walking. And walking.

Did I mention the walking? Oh right.....

So here are my pics that I took:

A great time was had by all!



ddg's grandma said...

Nice pictures!!!

MOM said...

Loved your pictures! I didn't get one that says BIG PIANO, I only the got the keys with people on 'em. Plus, I like your M & M one better than mine, too.

Melanie Welanie said...

Thanks! :)

Positve Thoughts said...

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Ber said...

Hello :) I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say hello to a fellow mother of an autistic son! My son is 5 turning 6 and everyday is interesting! But with lots of ABA therapy, he's improving :)
Also, i love Flylady too! I'm a flybaby at heart!

Personalized Pens said...

New York is so fun! Great pictures... there is so much to see and do!