Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

So we just watched all the hoopla. Good game! Good food! Good commercials! As we sit here and watch the post-game interviews, it makes me wonder why they even interview the losing team. They always ask stupid questions. "So what happened out there?" "Could you improve anything?" Seriously, did they just not watch the game there? Why ask these stupid questions? "Obviously the other team won, could you please add some more salt to my wound?" I just don't get that. Really liked the half-time show. Thought it was much better than last year. As a girl that grew up in the 80's, gotta love Madonna. Followed her alot thru my life. And hello?! How is she in such great shape? Awesome! Speaking of being in great shape.... I am so NOT! Especially after all the good food I spread out for us. Ribs, sliders, buffalo drumstix, chips, dips, and dessert too! ugh, I'll be working this meal off for a while. It's gonna be a rough workout tomorrow at the gym. I can feel it now. Now the commercials were pretty good. It's funny how I can be out in the kitchen cleaning up something or refilling the chip bowl and when I hear that the commercials start coming on, I RUN into the living room to see what's next. Not when the game comes back on, but when the commercials start. This is the ONLY time I ever look forward to commercials. Ever since the invention of the DVR, I have been so spoiled. Usually I fast forward thru all that stuff just to get to my show. But companies really put alot on the line for this time slot. They do well. And I have to admit, I have been lured one too many times with the power of commercials. Which reminds me, I need to get some Coke tomorrow. Darn those fluffy polar bears!! So a good evening was had by all! Hope you all had a good one as well. :)

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