Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It was a good first day for LB. We saw the room last night and we liked it. So I decided to keep the song playing the praises for good news all around. His teacher sounds very nice and very experienced. We will have to get together soon to let her in on all of the LB-isms that he has.
Hubby and I got alot done today. Our living room TV finally kicked it yesterday so we got to go on a new TV search today without interuption. It's in and ready for movie night.
BB had a good day today in school and he gets to watch his DVR'ed RAW and ECW on the new TV.
So an all in all good day! Hope we can keep this mood going!


Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said...

So who likes school better? LB or Mommy? :)

Melanie Welanie said...

Well... I think I will take that medium line and say both! :)