Tuesday, November 25, 2008

School's out!

Yes, the kids are officially on Thanksgiving break. They don't have to go back till next Wed. I believe that the "hunting season open" has something to do with that timing. Since it is so important around here. heehee
BB will get a chance to go hunting..er...observing this year with Sharp as a Marble, provided his sweet bundle of joy makes her debut in a timely manner. You never know. She may be the girl that comes early to appease daddy. Or she may be the girl that says, "Uh uh, Daddy, you wait on ME." Either way she is most anticipated. We all can't wait to welcome her in.

Hope everyone got a chance to tune in and watch Charlie Brown tonight. We did. Well, I did. Our kids just aren't as excited as we used to be when these "specials" came on. Of course, they do have a lot more to choose from nowadays. Remember how special it was to see a cartoon in the evening? Uh-oh did I just date myself again? Oh well, gotta love the good old days!
Got an email from Auntie S and she brought up a good point about the show. I've wondered this myself too. What's up with Woodstock partaking in the Thanksgiving feast? Isn't that a little "ew-y"? Yeah. I agree, and yet I cannot turn away.

Well, our turkey is in the fridge doing its "thaw" thing. Still seems a little frosty. Hope it will be ready for me Thur. morning. It doesn't matter how early I start thawing. It always makes me nervous like a countdown or something. And I keep running the menu over and over in my head to make sure I have everything. It's things like this that make me start dreaming those anxiety dreams. Like when you are late to class because you get lost in school. Or you can't find your locker or don't have your books. Gee, can you tell I wasn't crazy about school? I seem to have quite a few of those dreams. breathe....
I really shouldn't feel like that though. This year we are the "drop-in house". The 3:00 house. So we will have fixin's ready then, for whoever drops by. So there won't be a huge crowd or anything. Although I do love it when we have everyone here together. And the kids love it too. But this year we will be chilling quietly with turkey smell in the house and with some football in the background. I LOVE Thanksgiving!


sharp as a marble said...

The little one went crazy for Charlie Brown this year and got real mad when the commercials came on and then again when it was over. I am scared to death that she has my temper.

Erin Anthony said...

Yo...Melanie....I finally started a blog...thought it would be fun. Myspace Blog is a little too much for people to read....I'll have to keep up with all this creativity!!

Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said...

I made the kids watch it with me. We had Boy Scouts first, so we watched it on the DVR and bypassed those pesky commercials!

As a side note, ABC Family is playing 2 Charlie Brown shows on Saturday starting at 7.

Melanie Welanie said...

SAAM- you better invest in a DVR so you can miss all those commercials. Or I guess you could let her learn the old-fashioned way to be patient. naaaaa!

Erin-Great to have you aboard. Let me know if you need any assistance. :)

MofDDG- Did you watch the 2nd show after the original? Too much history for me. Bring on the cannibalistic yellow bird!!

Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said...

I don't think I had ever seen that one before. I kind of liked it.

The kids just liked the 'cool toaster' that had doors that opened from the original show. We watch this EVERY year, but this is the first time either of them said anything!