Thursday, March 5, 2009

and healing...

Well we have had a trying time here lately. I got a call on Tue. from the school. The dreaded call from the school. LB was knocked down in the hallway and he is crying and doesn't seem to be doing very well. So I dash out the door and head to the school.

At around lunchtime, an 8th grader was RUNNING down the hall, turned a corner and slammed right into LB, sending him straight back on the floor. Head thumps, his elbow gets bruised. After a chew-out moment with the teacher LB was with, -Thank you, by the way :) - ,this kid proceeded to go about his business. Though bewildered by the fall, LB was still asking about the corn dogs on the lunch menu. One of his faves. And he did eat them.

I got there and he was upset and sleepy. I brought him home and he wanted to go to bed right away. I didn't like that, so I decided to take him to the ER. The whole way in the car, I had to keep waking him up. Kinda scary. We got to the ER and did the whole traditional ER wait. The doctor ordered a CT scan for him. He got to ride in a wheelchair down to the room where they did the CT scan. He liked that. When we got him in the room, he laid down and stayed still enough for them to do the scan. When he was laying there he did look a bit worried so I told him that this was a big camera and it will take a picture of your head. So when the bed moved his head into the hole area, he looked around and said "cheese".

I was very proud of him, because I didn't think he would do well in there. Proved me wrong. When we were coming out of there, he looked back and said, "donut". Because the scanner looked like a giant donut! When we got back to the ER room to wait for the results, LB commented on the ride. He looked at the wheelchair and said "stroller". I never really thought of them that way. I love how he thinks!

The results came back. He has a fractured skull, but there isn't any bleeding. Just swelling. So no big activity for a while now. He seemed to be doing pretty well throughout this whole thing. After our 5 hour ER visit, we head back home. He starts throwing up in the car. Nice. And he got sick a few times after that. Being concerned about that, I got alot of advice from family and friends. Thank you all so much! He slept pretty good throughout the night between my 2-hour wakings without getting sick. But I called the next morning and got his follow-up appt. that day. He checked out pretty well. Even though he was sick those few times, the Dr. said that as long as his neurological state is normal, then we don't need to be really concerned. So a relief off of my mind there.

Now he is staying home the rest of the week for lots of inactivity. One of my faves. :) LB is doing well. His appetite is coming back and he wants to play outside and in the basement on his scooter, but I won't let him just yet. Oh, and the field trip at the ice skating rink in a couple weeks......yeah, we'll be staying home.

Here is a couple of pics of LB's head. He didn't really swell up until we were waiting in the ER. I don't know if you can tell, with the hair being in the way, but there was a good-sized goose egg. The first pic is in the ER,the second pic was the day after and the third is today.

So we will be playing it safe here for a while. Lots of TV and computer time. Writing up lists of Disney movies and such. It's almost nice when you have Dr.'s orders to be lazy.

Hope everyone else out there is doing well. Thanks again to all of our friends and family for your support. We love you all.


ddg's grandma said...

I'm really glad that he is doing well, we were all worried. Kids are really resilient, it's the parents that do most of the suffering.

aunt una said...

So glad to hear he is doing well. Yes we were worried a lot. I'm glad that he did well at the hospital and had a little fun there.