Monday, August 24, 2009

School? What school?

Well, I've done it. It took me 30-some years but I have done it. I woke up today to daylight and the sound of a bus backing up. Yes, I slept in!! The first day of school! I can't believe I did that. Never, ever in my entire life have I done that! I have always been the one to be so nervous about not being on time. I have had bad dreams in the past where I got to school late.

Last week I got the kids' backpacks loaded up with supplies. We went shopping for some clothes over the weekend. I knew it was coming. But last night when I set the alarm clock for the crack of black, I really don't remember hitting the "ON" switch. Me! The one who, when trying to fall asleep at night often opens her eyes to make sure that the little light is on that let's you know that the alarm is set. Me! Who has always been even too nervous to sleep the night before. Yep, me.

Now the kids actually did get to school on time because of my cat-like reflexes to take action in any way to avoid embarrassment. They didn't get the full-belly breakfast that I planned ( they got a bagel in the car), or the sweet, slow morning-hug goodbye-"Have a good day" that I also planned. But they did get there on time. And I gave both the kids permission to use the name "Dodo-head" in reference to me today.

But I hope that they do have a good first day anyway. Nothing like adrenaline to get you moving in the morning! Man, my stomach hurts. I'm gonna go lay down. But I won't fall asleep. At least not without setting my clock, hitting the on switch, and setting my cell phone alarm too. No maybe I shouldn't lay down. Hmmmm...this may be a good time to take up jogging.

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Granny said...

I made one commment, but where did it go?
What I said was, I always have a wonderful time with you'ns whenever and wherever we go! It was a fun day yesterday and I especially liked the warmth around the fire, and the pumpkin pie and hot chocolate afterwards! And the boys getting their pumpkins, and climbing the hatstack and dancing with Froggy! Wonderful day! Now, where can we go today?