Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun Day!

Well, we had such a good time yesterday! I am so tired and will be going back to bed soon to rest up some more. My balance still hasn't....well, balanced out yet and my legs are a bit tender from the walking. But, wow, did we have fun!

It did rain off and on while we were there, obviously we wouldn't be sporting the ponchos just for kicks. (On second thought you never know what will happen when a group of girls get together.)

We did ride just about everything there. We wouldn't try the bungee-type rides that you pay extra for, or the one where it just drops you out of the sky from waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy up, but we did The Phantom's Revenge. This is their only steel coaster I believe. So much fun! The first time we rode it had just started raining again and I couldn't keep my eyes open because the raindrops were hitting my face so hard, I was afraid one of them would knock out one of my contacts. So a couple of us had to try that one out later without rain. And one of us almost lost our cell phone on the ride. While we were riding the phone went up in the air and the girl behind us saw something and grabbed it! It was the phone!! How often does THAT happen?! That was cool!

All the classic rides were still there. The Jack Rabbit, Thunderbolt, The Whip, The Racer, The Turtle, and Noah's Ark. We also went on ones I don't remember like the Kangaroo, The Pittsburg Plunge, and The Exterminator. I think we will be taking our kids sometime after LB is done with the phase of being afraid of the amusement parks. Gotta keep these family memories going. Hubby remembers Noah's Ark from when he was a boy. Cute!

Oh and all those pictures I promised? Yeah, you can't take pictures on the rides and well, I was on all of the rides. :) But we did get this one nice picture of all of us in our poncho glory! That will just have to do.

Thanks, girls for the great day!

And now, back to bed...



MOM said...

It sounded wonderful! And you all look wonderful, too! It's fun to make memories, huh? Now, where will the next one's come from? Hmmmmmm????????????????lutyrrec

Mom said...

those last letters after the question mark? I was typing in the word verifcation and didn't realize where the letters were going. Sorry!

Melanie Welanie said...

It was so much fun!!