Monday, September 28, 2009

And the story continues...

Well, I am back from Ocean City. Me and my BFF had a super duper good time at Sunfest 2009. We did a ton of walking and laughing. Such good times! And naturally we brought along the Guitar Hero for our down time. :)

Yeah, after you read the recent post on The Adventures of Dippy, Dingy, and Goofy, what was conveniently not mentioned was on the results of our duel. Yes, she won. I will give her that but as you can see in this picture, I was the winner also:

See that? Yeah, "best performer".

And also, the last song we played was left out of her post. I was on the hard level and she was on medium. I kicked her butt on that one.

Ok, I feel better now that's out of my system. :)


Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said...

They gave you best performer as the 'please don't go home crying' prize! You know, how EVERY kid that plays soccer gets a trophy, even if they SUCK! :)

I feel a rematch is the only answer now.

MOM said...

Oooooooh, them's fightin' words! Girls, please don't fight!

Mom of Dippy, Dingy & Goofy said...

Only fighting with love! No bad feelings involved