Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Summer Safari

Well the pics from our vacation are here. Finally after fixing a few bugs with Photobucket, and help from my good friend, I figured out how to get these on here.

We went to African Safari Wildlife Park while we were enjoying our stay in Huron, OH. You get to drive through it in your own vehicle and feed the animals. The animals know that there is food in the cars so they really do stick their heads in to get at it. Lots of animal slobber on the cars! And a bit on the inside too. Yum!

We took the sunroof off of our car so the boys could get a bird's-eye view of everything. They even got to feed the giraffe from the roof of the car. It was really cool!

Enjoy the pics!

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MOM said...

Those are fantastic! I'll bet that was so much fun. I saw Micah a couple of times, but I saw very little of Kelsey and Phil, and none of you Melanie. Ha. Just so you all had a wonderful time! Loved the pic's.