Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun in the sun

Over the weekend we had lots of sunshine and heat. Yes, heat. Outside. Something we have been missing for quite a few months now. We had a great day on Saturday. We spent most of the time outside. All of us. We had a nice cookout with burgers and dogs and a picnic. We had squirt gun fights and I even made up some water balloons. I was going to share until I started getting attacked by the squirt guns. So I decided to keep it for my own ammo stash. Then we tried flying a kite. Yes, tried. It was fun trying. We then set up a tent in the back yard. The kids loved it. So we decided to camp out. We had a nice fire going and we all slept out in the back yard all night. It was a little cold in the morning because, come on, this is Ohio. Me and Hubby woke up at about 6am and decided to go back in to the house. In the real bed, with all the nice padding underneath of us. Yeah, my hips aren't as young as they used to be. It wasn't too bad because we did put down some padding. But it sure wasn't any pillowtop mattress, I'll tell you that. LB woke up when we unzipped the tent to get out, but BB loves to sleep. And this boy can sleep through anything.

Here he is still sleeping hard at 9am. You can just barely see his head through the window.

He did wake up about an hour or so after that. We all had so much fun, I think we will be doing this again in the summer.


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Dingy said...

Wake up already!!!! Goodness what is up with people sleeping til' 9 and later??