Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ahhh Summer...

So, obviously I haven't been blogging alot lately. I try but I get distracted. But enough with excuses.

Summertime has been very nice so far. We have already gone on one vacation (the slideshow is at the bottom of the page now), I have been starting up a garden, and we have just been enjoying ourselves here at home with the beautiful weather.

My garden this year will be the first garden I have ever......um...gardened. :) I will post pictures later. My Dad was kind enough to bring his rototiller over and get the ground all nice and chewed up for me. Thanks, Dad! I have started with seeds and am learning about the little creatures around here that like them for breakfast. Goofy critters! Also, I will be keeping a log of my mistakes throughout this whole process so as to better myself next year. Hope I have enough paper in my notebook! My Grandma was very good at gardening. She made it seem so easy. Even the neighbors knew of her green thumb! I sincerely hope that there are some gardening genetics in me so I can have some decent results. We'll see.

So far this summer the kids have been having a great time. BB got to go camping with his friends this past weekend. More fishing! As you probably know from SAAM's blog, BB has been quite the fisherman. We're so proud! He also did some swimming, hiking, and had a good time on the paddleboats. When he got home, he was tired. A good tired. He has also been having a great time with the kids that visit the neighborhood's grandparents every summer. I'm so glad we got the trampoline. It has paid for itself many times. These kids are out there for hours at a time playing around on that thing. A nice way to keep them active and away from the TV. Even LB has been hanging around everyone. He's becoming so social lately!! And normally when we have people over for dinner or whatever, he is usually in his room watching his videos. But just recently he has been coming out of his shell. He is hanging with the crowd now!!

He really has been doing well this summer. This boy, who has had quite the speech difficulty, has been talking soooooo much!! We are just all amazed at how his progress has been! He's got some great teachers that work hard with him throughout the school year. He has been talking about school very steadily for the past 2 weeks now. I keep telling him that he won't go until August, and he understands that. He is just talking about it over and over. And it's only June! We will be hearing about school for the rest of the summer I think. You know, how when you pray for something, you sometimes get it? Well, prayer for speech has been getting answered. And it's cool!

Well, gonna wrap up this post. I will have to show you some of my garden pictures soon. As soon as I get them out of my camera. Right after I check in on Facebook. Oh man, there's that distraction I spoke about earlier. I'll try to get better. Honest, I will.



MOM said...

Sounds like some great summer memories being made there! I get to help 'em make some more next week...hmmm...wonder what they'll be?

MOM said...

I love the "Diggin'" song that plays when you read this! Ha. You need to play it loud, outside, when you are doing any weeding!I can see it now: you with a straw hat on,with a wide brim to give you a little shade.... Oh my! You would look just like your grandma! I still have her hat.

Melanie Welanie said...

The song was one of the many preschool songs that continued running through my head well after we were done with preschool.
I usually think of it while I am out there too.