Thursday, July 16, 2009

Girl's Day Out!

Tomorrow is our fun day! I think we are all excited about it. As some of you know, I have been battling an ear infection this week, but I am still going to go. Who knows how my ears will be after all these rides. Maybe it will shake things up in there so I can hear again! I hope. I never really realized what the kids had gone through when they had ear infections when they were younger. The last time I experienced one was when I was very young also, so I didn't remember the "loss of hearing" thing that you have to put up with. It kinda sounds like I'm talking in a box. It's really annoying! But, I think I will be preoccupied by lots of fun tomorrow. I hope to have some pictures to post also!


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Love you, MOM said...

You KNOW you'll have a wonderful time. There's Melanie-Amusement Park Queen! Have fun, babe!